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Simplify, then accelerate.

Let’s face it. Data management can be complex, and getting help can be expensive. But here at Truly Intelligent Business, we believe that doesn’t always have to be the case.

In fact, we know precisely how to get your data working harder and delivering more, without burning heaps of time and money. Because when you’re trying to get more value from your data, the last thing you want is increased costs, and further delays!

Our accelerators and training get your data moving – fast! They package up and deliver the decades of experience we have, in how to mobilise data as a truly high-value business asset.

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Explore how we make you truly data-driven, not just data-busy.


Truly Intelligent Business Customer Journey
Data Insights Accelerator Data Leadership Accelerator Data and Analytics Strategy Data Catalogue Accelerator Data Governance Accelerator Data Operating Model Accelerator Data Capability Maturity Assessment

Data Insights Accelerator

We reduce the number of redundant reports and dashboards in your business, whilst also ensuring that relevant reporting is fully adopted and applied by your business's people, so that more of your business's decisions and actions are better supported by accurate data.

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Data Leadership Accelerator

We provide interim or on-demand data leadership to close temporary gaps in your leadership structure, support your existing data leadership, and drive increased strength into your data capabilities.

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Data and Analytics Strategy

We pinpoint your data goals and reveal the course of actions that will take you there, all packaged in a data strategy which is both strong enough for leadership to support, and practical enough for people to deliver.

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Data Catalogue Accelerator

We perform an essential 'data stock-take' so you can see and take control of how data flows through your business, whilst also creating a prototype data catalogue to get you moving in a way that isn't prohibitively expensive, time-consuming, or complex.

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Data Governance Accelerator

We install a complete data governance framework in as little as one month, and for around one quarter of the cost of starting from scratch, to launch your data governance quickly and conclusively, kickstarting decisive and effective data quality management.

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Data Operating Model Accelerator

(Coming Soon!) We streamline your data operation into high-performance 'data production lines', minimising data effort and maximising data value to make your business truly data-driven, and not just data-busy.

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Data Capability Maturity Assessment

We supply and support powerful online tools which enable you to rigorously and rapidly assess your data capabilities, in a way that's tightly aligned to your data strategy and pinpoints highly practical steps for increasing the value and performance of your data.

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Why us?

We make businesses truly data-driven, not just data-busy, by helping data leaders such as CDOs and Heads of Data, as well as Data Project and Programme Managers, to mobilise data in ways that achieve business goals – without the high costs and complexity so often needlessly found in data projects.

We know that being truly data-driven, means keeping things as straightforward as possible. Because when you’re trying to squeeze more value from your data, then unnecessarily adding tools and processes means you’ll burn even more time and money, whilst creating new data challenges. Does that sound data-driven to you?

We make it easy for you to understand what practical changes would make your data a truly high value asset. We show you how to make those changes quickly and inexpensively, and we provide the support and expertise you need at a fast pace and a fair price.

Data driven or data busy… Whats the difference?

A data driven business is one that uses data to drive the business towards achieving its goals.

Unfortunately, some businesses lose their way before becoming data driven, and instead end up burning lots of of time, energy and money on data, but without achieving much benefit in return.

That’s the difference between data driven and data busy. Which one describes your business?

Why you should choose Truly Intelligent Business

In the words of our happy customers!

Corporate data management can be complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We make it simple to rapidly and cost-effectively convert data into a high-value business asset, through practical solutions delivered at reasonable prices.

Some of the Businesses We’ve Worked With

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How We Can Benefit Your Business

Data Mobilised as a Strategic Asset

We provide leadership and experience to set your organisation’s vision for how your data can evolve into a core strategic asset, and then define the agenda and roadmap for how you will realise high business value from your data asset.

Cost-Effective Data Operations

By establishing a tried-and-tested framework of data capabilities orchestrated through an enterprise data operating model, we align technology with your business’s needs in ways that ensure optimum business value whilst minimising costs and mitigating data compliance risks.

Actionable Analytics and Data Science

We perform analysis which defines how your business’s KPIs, data analytics and reporting must work together, and implement ways of working which ensure that your business is guided – not blinded – by data science.

Enhanced Data Quality

We integrate data governance policy, principles and processes into your business’s overarching strategy and operations, to ensure that your business possesses data quality standards, as well as the crucial ability to maintain high-data quality in accordance with those standards.

Increased Data Value

By combining your strategic data vision with your enhanced data quality and data operations, we define the business cases and create the momentum that will drive your business towards greater data value through analytics, machine learning, AI and data commercialisation.

Data Driven Cultural Change

We use specialised documentation and techniques to deliver workshops and business communications, which engage and enthuse people to think and behave differently with data, in ways that unlock and maintain high data value.

Browse our solutions

Data and Analytics Strategy

Deliver a clear and compelling roadmap for driving beneficial change, by building the data capabilities that will achieve your data-driven goals.

Data Catalogue Accelerator

Quickly start disentangling your data flows, by prototyping a data catalogue with a minimum of cost and complexity

Data Insights Accelerator

Supercharge the relevance, adoption and effectiveness of your KPIs, reporting, dashboards and analytics.

Data Governance Accelerator

Rapidly install a framework that will increase the reliability, performance and confidence in your data.

Data Operating Model Accelerator

Acquire the seasoned expertise you need to transform your data into a genuinely high-value business asset

Data Capability Maturity Assessment

Analyse your data strengths and weaknesses, to take a data-driven approach to becoming more data-driven!

Data Leadership Accelerator

Acquire the seasoned expertise you need to transform your data into a genuinely high-value business asset.

Not sure how or where to start?

Let us guide you on how we will make your business truly data-driven, and not just data-busy.