Data Strategy Masterclass

How to quickly and easily devise a data strategy that works
(plus all the tools you need to do it)

Why your business needs a data strategy

The chances are, your business is aiming to drive more value from its data. Whether that’s through better insights, increased automation, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, or even entirely new data products.

To achieve these kinds of data outcomes, your business needs the right mix of data capabilities. But it’s impossible to know just what the right mix is, without taking a strategic view of the entire change journey that your business needs to complete.

A model of the data strategy success formula

A data strategy works just like any other. It pinpoints your data goals, and then reveals the course of actions that will take you there. The risks of ignoring data strategy are equally familiar – you’re likely to spend far more time, effort and money heading in the wrong direction, ultimately arriving at poorer results.


Reasons why you should book your place today!

Learn the Skills

Through a four-hour online coaching session, you’ll learn how to quickly develop a robust and implementable data strategy

Acquire the Tools

Every masterclass includes access to an online portal, containing all the tools and templates you need to devise the right data strategy

Get the Support

After the initial coaching, you’ll have 3 months of on-demand support plus a one-hour private follow-up session

Take a look at some real examples of the kind of data strategy you’ll be able to quickly and easily create

The data strategy conundrum

Enterprise data management is a big and complex topic, so devising a data strategy can feel overwhelming. It’s no good creating a strategy which is so detailed that few people can engage with it. But it’s also no good creating a strategy which is so insubstantial that it can’t be put into real-world practice.

The key challenge is; how to create a data strategy which is comprehensive enough to be implementable, yet at the same time simple enough for all stakeholders to understand and support?

The Data Strategy Masterclass will show you how to do both!

The Data Strategy Masterclass

Learn a faster, simpler and more effective method of devising data strategy

At Truly Intelligent Business we have the experience, the methodology, the materials, and the answers to help you eliminate the overwhelm, and quickly cut a clear path to a powerful data strategy which will make your business truly data-driven, not just data-busy.

Every Data Strategy Masterclass attendee will get...

The information and support you need…

Access to two live and private online training and coaching sessions.

  • Session One: A four hour online session, providing an overview of the 4dDX data strategy framework, and hands-on training in the techniques and templates you’ll use to rapidly develop a winning data strategy.

After the first session, you’ll have everything you need to develop your data strategy at your own pace, with our support. When you’re satisfied with your draft data strategy, you’ll book session two…

  • Session Two: A two hour online session, to review and hone your draft data strategy. This is where we fully resolve your outstanding questions, put the finishing touches on your documentation, and make sure you’re clear and comfortable on how to put your new data strategy into action!

Plus the tools to help you!

Three months of access to your own online portal, containing:

  • Data strategy document templates, for you to keep and use to rapidly build a professional and engaging data strategy.
  • Data strategy presentation templates, for you to keep and use for comfortably communicating your data strategy to stakeholders.
  • A data strategy roadmap template, for you to keep and use for timelining strategic data capability development.
  • Your own private copy of the full 4dDX strategic data capability development framework, allowing you to use the powerful 4 dimensional data excellence framework when devising and deploying your data strategy.
  • Limited access to the complete 4dDX online data capability maturity assessment tools and analysis.*
  • 3 months access to our Data Strategy Support forum in Slack, providing unlimited access to answers and post-training support from our team of Data Management Consultants.

* Access to the data capability maturity assessment will be limited to one user for 3 months. Unlimited access is available separately – see for details.

Who should attend?

Each Data Strategy Masterclass is ideal for data leaders such as CDOs and Heads of Data, who are looking for a reliable, rapid and cost-effective way of crafting a data strategy that passes leadership scrutiny, engages business stakeholders, and translates into practical and measurable development of data capabilities.

By attending our Data Strategy Masterclass, you will learn...
  • The real-world differences between ‘data-driven’ and ‘data-busy’, and how that shapes a successful data strategy.
  • The hallmarks of a truly data-driven business, and how to adapt and weave them into your own business’s data strategy.
  • How to pinpoint the right data goals for measurably growing the value of your business’s data.
  • Data strategy pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • The ‘big-picture’ view of a business’s data landscape, and how to translate it into data strategy.
  • How to quickly create a data strategy which is both simple enough for people to engage with, and detailed enough to drive beneficial change.
  • How to use the 4dDX framework, to translate data strategy into real-world and practical data capability development.
  • How to communicate your data strategy to stakeholders, in ways that garner essential support and sponsorship.
  • How to hone your data strategy into a roadmap, for driving the real-world changes that will lead to your business’s data goals.


£ 2,850

The first step is a no-obligation introductory call


This is the framework you’ll use to create a data strategy which pulls off the ‘magic trick’ of being simple enough to understand and support, whilst also being detailed enough to develop the data capabilities that will achieve your data goals.

Meet your Data Strategy Coach

​My name’s Phil Husbands. I’ve led and consulted on the development of data strategy for many leading organisations, including NHBC, The Economist, Clarks, and more.

In this masterclass, I’ll give you the skills and tools that will enable you to quickly develop a data strategy that truly delivers.

Client Comments

"Phil is an outstanding business intelligence and data professional who blends technical know how with a business led approach. He speaks in a language that the business can understand and was a trusted advisor to the leadership team"

"Phil tackles business challenges from both a strategic and tactical perspective, ensuring that stakeholders are engaged and managed effectively while focusing equally on implementation to the business user"

"Phil is a highly intelligent and capable IT professional - able to both define strategy as well as follow through with full implementation - a rare asset! He also has leadership skills to be admired"

"Phil provided very valuable insight and leadership to help NHBC implement a comprehensive new Data Strategy and Data Governance policies, and to support delivery of high quality insights from our Enterprise Data Warehouse and related ERP tools"