Be data-driven, not data-busy.

We’ve simplified and accelerated data value for some of the world’s best known businesses. See real examples of how we did it, by requesting your own personal data value accelerator toolkit.

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Get your FREE data value accelerator toolkit

If you’re striving to eliminate data headaches and achieve data goals, but struggling to work out how with limited budget and resources – tell us what your current data challenge is and we’ll give you real examples, techniques, and templates that will get you moving. (Others charge £1000’s for this!) PLUS – we’ll send you our comprehensive guide to creating and implementing a winning data strategy.

Ever feel like you're living in the 'Data Wild-West'?

A business is truly data-driven when data measurably drives the achievement of its goals. It's when high-quality data generate relevant insights to inform accurate decisions. It's when people have the right data at their fingertips and the data-literacy to use it wisely. And it's when data is embraced as a rich source of added value and opportunities...

Does that sound like your business? Or are your data ambitions curbed by poor data quality? Do people spend more time fixing data than using it? Do your data analytics create more debate than insight? Is data generally felt to be a source of problems and challenges? Do you feel like the 'Data Sheriff' who's constantly rounding up 'Outlaw Analysts' to maintain order in siloed data operations?

Data management can be complex, but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated. Get your free data value accelerator toolkit TODAY to escape the 'Data Wild-West' by simplifying and accelerating your path to true data value!

Why you should choose Truly Intelligent Business

In the words of our happy customers!


Explore how we make you truly data-driven, not just data-busy.


Truly Intelligent Business Customer Journey
Data Insights Accelerator Data Leadership Accelerator Data and Analytics Strategy Data Catalogue Accelerator Data Governance Accelerator Data Operating Model Accelerator Data Capability Maturity Assessment

Data Insights Accelerator

We reduce the number of redundant reports and dashboards in your business, whilst also ensuring that relevant reporting is fully adopted and applied by your business's people, so that more of your business's decisions and actions are better supported by accurate data.

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Data Leadership Accelerator

We provide interim or on-demand data leadership to close temporary gaps in your leadership structure, support your existing data leadership, and drive increased strength into your data capabilities.

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Data and Analytics Strategy

We pinpoint your data goals and reveal the course of actions that will take you there, all packaged in a data strategy which is both strong enough for leadership to support, and practical enough for people to deliver.

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Data Catalogue Accelerator

We perform an essential 'data stock-take' so you can see and take control of how data flows through your business, whilst also creating a prototype data catalogue to get you moving in a way that isn't prohibitively expensive, time-consuming, or complex.

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Data Governance Accelerator

We install a complete data governance framework in as little as one month, and for around one quarter of the cost of starting from scratch, to launch your data governance quickly and conclusively, kickstarting decisive and effective data quality management.

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Data Operating Model Accelerator

(Coming Soon!) We streamline your data operation into high-performance 'data production lines', minimising data effort and maximising data value to make your business truly data-driven, and not just data-busy.

Coming soon...

Data Capability Maturity Assessment

We supply and support powerful online tools which enable you to rigorously and rapidly assess your data capabilities, in a way that's tightly aligned to your data strategy and pinpoints highly practical steps for increasing the value and performance of your data.

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Get your FREE data value accelerator toolkit

What’s your goal today?

Develop, communicate and implement your data strategy

Here’s how we’ll help you to achieve this…

We’ll provide the leadership and experience to set your organisation’s vision for how your data can evolve into a core strategic asset, and then define the agenda and roadmap for how you will realise high business value from your data assets.

We’ll help you build a data strategy which presents the right amount of big picture thinking without becoming overwhelmed by excessive complexity.

We quickly and inexpensively create data strategies that are easy to understand and engage with, yet also detailed enough to provide a robust and practical tool for structured, beneficial change.

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Reveal, understand and close gaps in your data capabilities

Here’s how we’ll help you to achieve this…

Our Data Capability Maturity Assessment focuses on speed, simplicity and practicality.

It combines online tools, data analysis, and consultancy expertise with the 4dDX data strategy framework to rapidly provide you with a clear, measurable and accountable view of how suitable your data capabilities are for driving achievement of your business’s goals, and what actions are appropriate for closing any harmful gaps in your data capabilities.

Because the assessment is simple and lightweight, it can be easily repeated in the future at no extra cost to see how your data capabilities are evolving over time.

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Understand and take control of your data flows

Here’s how we’ll help you to achieve this…

To achieve your data goals, you need to control how data moves into, through, and around your business. But it’s impossible to achieve that control if you can’t see or understand the data flows in your business.

We rapidly and inexpensively create a data catalogue which provides the essential ‘data stock-take’ you need to take control of your data flows.

We gather knowledge and information from your IT and business data SMEs, to consolidate everything your business knows (or thinks it knows) about your data landscape. We merge that intel with facts about what data exists in which systems, then we analyse it all to produce clear, compelling visuals about what data your business has, where it is, how it got there, and where it goes.

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Attain and maintain better data quality

Here’s how we’ll help you to achieve this…

Our data governance accelerator installs a complete data governance framework in as little as one month, and for around one quarter of the cost.

We deliver and install a complete data governance framework in your document and workflow management system.

We work with you to hone and customise your new data governance framework, so it’s fully aligned to your specific business situations and needs.

We transfer knowledge to key personnel through coaching and workshops, which empower those people to own and deploy the framework at the right pace.

And we get you moving in the right direction – fast. No more false starts or feeling that data governance is a difficult ‘hot potato’. We launch your data governance with the confidence and positivity that’s essential for building people’s trust and maintaining momentum.

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Improve the effectiveness of your data analytics

Here’s how we’ll help you to achieve this…

We’ll rationalise the number of reports and dashboards in your business, whilst also ensuring that they are fully adopted and applied by your business’s people, so that more decisions and actions are better supported by accurate data.

We’ll help people in your business feel more informed about what data insights are available, and confident about using them effectively. Business projects will no longer be delayed by debates about what data insights are right and how they will work.

The benefit of your KPIs, reports and dashboards will be more tangible and measurable, because we’ll make it simple for everyone to see how they drive the business to achieve its goals.

Overall you’ll have accurate and easy-to-understand maps of what data insights your business has and how to use them, enabling you to establish an enterprise information standard to govern which reports and dashboards are quality-controlled as part of your business’s ‘insights backbone’, and which need to be treated with caution as non-standard reports.

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Streamline your data operations

Here’s how we’ll help you to achieve this…

We’ll provide you with a complete and field-tested data operating model, so you don’t have to waste any time and money on reinventing that wheel.

We’ll show you how to build cost-effective and efficient ‘data production lines’, enabling you to operate a Data Center of Excellence – delivering key business data support functions and real-world effective self-service data capabilities.

We’ll show you the fundamental data value chains which transport raw data from source systems, and channel it into valuable data use cases. And well show you how to wrap those data value chains in cost-effective and efficient data operations.

Build more productive teams of data people

Here’s how we’ll help you to achieve this…

We’ll provide you with data organisation structures which have worked in other organisations, to take the guesswork out of defining what different data roles do, and where they exist.

We’ll show you how your data organisation structure interlaces with your data operating model to build a clear picture of data roles and responsibilities, and demystify the relationship between IT-based data enablement and business facing data services.

And we’ll provide you with detailed role descriptions and experienced data leadership, to help you transition and recruit people into the roles in your evolving data organisation structure.