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How does this free trial of the data capability assessment work?

It’s simple! On this page, you’ll find two tools for gathering data capability assessment data. Simply complete both of those assessments, and then we’ll process the data into Data Capability Maturity Analysis before contacting you via email to handover the results.

This free trial is limited to a single set of responses from one person per university. In practice, the assessment gathers responses from many, sometimes 100’s of people from around an organisation.

There’s just three easy steps for you to follow:

  • Step One: Submit the target-state assessment.
  • Step Two: Submit the current-state assessment.
  • Step Three: Wait for us to send you the analysis!
What information will I need to provide?

In step one, you’ll be asked to rate how important each of 21 data capabilities are for achieving your University’s goals. So be prepared with a clear understanding of what your institution’s goals are.

In step two, you’ll be asked to rate how effectively each data capability is being performed at your University today. So be prepared with an understanding of your institution’s current relationship with data.

You’ll also be asked for your name, University name, and email address. The information you provide is used solely to run your trial data capability maturity assessment, and then contact you with the resulting analysis. None of the information you provide will be shared with other parties.

How much of my time will it take?

Overall, no more than one hour. You’ll need about 10 minutes to complete step one, and about 30 minutes to complete step two. So it can be completed in just 45 minutes, but it’s wise to give yourself an hour so you’re not rushing.

What if I need to pause and come back later?

Depending on your cookie settings, the assessment tools will save your progress as you go. But to be sure you won’t lose progress, just click the pause button in the footer of each assessment, and you’ll be emailed a link to pick right back up from where you left off.

Step One 1

Submit the target state assessment

This gathers data which answers the question – How important is each data capability for driving achievement of your University’s goals?

You can complete step one right here on this page, or open it in a new tab if you’re on a small screen device.

Step Two 1

Submit the current state assessment

This gathers data which answers the question – How effectively is each data capability performing today? (This will ask you for your email again, so we can tie the two sets of data together. The assessments are separate because in practice, there are people who won’t need to submit both).

You can complete step two right here on this page, or open it in a new tab if you’re on a small screen device.

Step Three 1

Wait for us to send you the results!

When you clicked ‘Submit’ we were notified that you did that, so rest assured that we’ll run your analysis soon. We aim to respond within five working days (often faster). If you have any questions while you’re waiting, just send us an email at [email protected]

Learn more about our data capability maturity assessment

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