I’ve written a piece for Information Age, in which I describe how there is much more to high-value BI than just deploying BI technology. Organisations must have a rounded and in-depth understanding of BI, including non-technology issues, for it to be effective.

BI should not be defined by the technology alone — it should also be defined by the way a business works.

This point of view has roots in long-standing research by the likes of industry analysts such as Gartner, which shows that 70% to 80% of all corporate BI projects fail. Many of the reasons for this, have solutions that technology alone can’t solve. Such as poor user adoption, data quality issues, or insufficient training leading to inadequate user skills.

In the article, I describe how organisations should first look first not at BI technology, but at their current BI strategy, to highlight potential opportunities for improving the value and effectiveness of existing BI tools.

To read the full article, go to Information Age. And please share your comments, I’m interested to hear about how what I describe relates to your BI projects.