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Retained Professional Services for Pentland Brands

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This Statement of Work is an agreement between the Customer to purchase and Truly Intelligent Business to supply the Services as set out in this Statement of Work. This Statement of Work incorporates all of the clauses and definitions contained in Truly Intelligent Business's Terms and Conditions of Business, as amended or supplemented from time to time. Except as otherwise expressly specified in this Statement of Work, the defined terms used in this Statement of Work shall have the same meanings as the defined terms in Truly Intelligent Business's Terms and Conditions of Business. In the event of any conflict or ambiguity between those Terms and Conditions of Business and this Statement of Work, the provisions in this Statement of Work shall prevail.

This Statement of Work is valid from 3rd July 2023 to 31st January 2024 unless terminated earlier in accordance with the terms set out in this Statement of Work.


Phil Husbands at Truly Intelligent Business has a pre-existing relationship with a number of people at Pentland Brands. Phil was approached by Pentland Brands to assist in a range of initiatives aimed at positioning Pentland Brands' data as a high-value business asset. Phil introduced Pentland Brands to the Customer, in the interest of supplying Pentland Brands with a broader range of beneficial consulting services. Pentland Brands has since entered into a Statement of Work with the Customer to engage Phil as a Data Consultant. It is that engagement which is reflected in this Statement of Work.



This Statement of Work is aligned to the following objectives of Pentland Brands on behalf of the Customer:

  1. Championing positive change, by nurturing continued leadership support and fostering enthusiastic engagement from members of both technology and business teams.
  2. Leading work to:
    • Define the right data capabilities for Pentland Brands.
    • Implement some of those data capabilities.
    • Establish a data operating model framework.
    • Implement some of the data operations contained within the data operating model.
    • Fulfil data use cases and realise targeted data benefits.
    • Develop a data catalogue.
    • Deploy the data governance framework.
    • Develop core data infrastructure such as the data warehouse and analytics platforms.
    • Develop data insights architecture.
    • Start building high-performance teams aligned to each aspect of the data operating model.
  3. Driving progress towards measurable improvements in data quality, availability, and value.
  4. Supporting work to realise global data standards for key data entities such as ‘product taxonomy’ and ‘customer’.
  5. Planning and delivering workshops and stakeholder forums.
  6. Mentoring other team members.
  7. Recruiting a Data Governance Manager.
  8. Recruiting a permanent Head of Data.
  9. Building and maintaining a backlog of data use cases.
  10. Supporting and assisting work to build the technology centre in Bangalore.
  11. Line-management of Rachel Kealy from Enfuse Group, who will be engaged to work alongside Phil to provide additional support, resource and expertise as required.


As a result of the Services provided, Pentland Brands will receive:

  1. A data operating model comprised of:
    • Presentation materials effective in communicating target state.
    • Process architecture and diagrams specifying how discrete aspects of Pentland Brand’s data operation work both locally and in unison with one another.
    • Updated descriptions of the roles of people involved, where necessary.
    • Training and templates to continue development of the data operating model.
  2. Data insights architecture comprised of:
    • Data insights architecture diagrams.
    • Enterprise Bus Matrices, specifying data warehouse semantic and presentation layers required support data insight delivery.
    • Training and templates to continue development of the data insights architecture.
  3. Data governance capabilities comprised of:
    • Appointed Data Owner/s and Data Steward/s.
    • Implementation of a Data Governance Council.
    • Implementation of new data quality management and monitoring processes.
    • Regular data quality reporting.
    • Training and templates to continue deployment of the data governance framework.
  4. Documented data use cases specifying:
    • Ways that data will deliver create benefit for Pentland Brands.
    • The activities and capabilities required for the specified data benefits to be realised.
    • The people who need to be involved in the specified activities.
    • The current and future feasibility of achieving the specified data benefits.
    • Prioritisation of the data use cases.
    • Training and templates to continue development of future data use cases.
  5. A data catalogue comprised of:
    • One or more Enterprise Data Relationship Diagrams.
    • A Data Asset Inventory.
    • One or more Data Lineage Diagrams.
    • Stakeholder consultation notes.
    • Training and templates to continue development of the data catalogue.
    • Presentation and documentation materials to support communication about and understanding of the data catalogue and its contents.
    • Recommendations for beneficial next-steps.
  6. New documented global data standards.
  7. Specifications and descriptions of new or modified roles for people, such as Data Analysts, Data Stewards, Data Owners, Data Governance Manager and Head of Data.
  8. Realisation of the business benefits attached to data use cases which are feasibly achievable within enagement timescales.
  9. Enhancements and modifications to data infrastructure which are feasibly achievable within engagement timescales.

Out of Scope

  1. Provision of services beyond the period for which this Statement of Work is valid.
  2. Other services or deliverables not explicitly specified in the Statement of Work.


Change Management

It may become necessary to amend this Statement of Work for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Revision of the engagement scope.
  2. Changes in the working environment.
  3. Unavailability of access to systems, required resources or subject matter experts.
  4. Significant delays arising through factors beyond the engagement scope.

In the event where it is necessary to amend this Statement of Work, Truly Intelligent Business or the Customer will communicate a change request. Any change request will be analysed by both parties, the change impacts will be discussed and the change request will be approved or rejected with agreement of both parties. When a change is approved, an addendum to this Statement of Work will be created.


Activities to provide the Services may be performed at any of the following locations.

  • Supplier offices in UK and working from home.
  • Customer offices in the UK.
  • Pentland Brands' offices in the UK

Truly Intelligent Business operates a flexible working policy, which allows our consultants to operate from the best locations for them to deliver the best results for our clients, whilst also minimising the costs and environmental impacts of unnecessary travel. Work may therefore take place at other locations with prior approval of the Customer.


Pricing and Notices


The engagement will be billed on a rolling monthly Fixed Price basis.

The monthly Fee to the Customer will be £13,200 (excluding VAT). The Fee will be payable monthly, invoiced at the commencement of each month.

The monthly Fee has been calculated based on a day rate of £1,050, an expected average utilisation of 3 days of Phil Husbands’ per week, and consideration of additional ad-hoc participation from Rachel Kealy. As this is a Fixed Price Statement of Work, the actual amount of time and effort applied by Phil and Rachel will vary from time to time but will always be sufficient to fulfil the scope and complete deliverables within agreed timeframes.


Truly Intelligent Business will submit an invoice to the Customer monthly in advance on the following schedule.

  • £6,600 will be invoiced on 31st July 2023 for 2 weeks of engagement in July 2023.
  • £13,200 will be invoiced on 31st July 2023 for engagement in August 2023.
  • £13,200 will be invoiced on 31st August 2023 for engagement in September 2023.
  • £13,200 will be invoiced on 29th September 2023 for engagement in October 2023.
  • £13,200 will be invoiced on 31st October 2023 for engagement in November 2023.
  • £13,200 will be invoiced on 3oth November 2023 for engagement in December 2023.
  • £6,600 will be invoiced on 29th December 2023 for 2 weeks of engagement in January 2024.

Payment Terms

  1. Fees are excluding VAT and other applicable taxes.
  2. Costs for additional infrastructure and software or hardware licensing are not included in the fees.
  3. Travel to locations other than those aforementioned and additional expenses will be invoiced at cost in accordance with the Customer's travel policy.


  1. Either party may terminate this Statement of Work with a minimum notice period of 1 week.
  2. In the event of Statement of Work termination, the Customer is liable to pay the fees as described within this Statement of Work for Services that have been completed, in addition to the fees for agreed services occurring within the 20 working days termination notice period.

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