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Data Capability Maturity Assessment for The Financial Times

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This Statement of Work is an agreement between the Customer to purchase and Truly Intelligent Business to supply the Services as set out in this Statement of Work. This Statement of Work incorporates all of the clauses and definitions contained in Truly Intelligent Business's Terms and Conditions of Business, as amended or supplemented from time to time. Except as otherwise expressly specified in this Statement of Work, the defined terms used in this Statement of Work shall have the same meanings as the defined terms in Truly Intelligent Business's Terms and Conditions of Business. In the event of any conflict or ambiguity between those Terms and Conditions of Business and this Statement of Work, the provisions in this Statement of Work shall prevail.

This Statement of Work is valid from 25th Sept 2023 to 17th Nov 2023 unless terminated earlier in accordance with the terms set out in this Statement of Work.


Phil Husbands at Truly Intelligent Business has a pre-existing relationship with The Financial Times. Phil was approached by The Financial Times to conduct a data capability maturity assessment. Phil introduced The Financial Times to the Customer, in the interest of supplying The Financial Times with a broader range of beneficial consulting services. The Financial Times has since entered into a Statement of Work with the Customer. It is that engagement which is reflected in this Statement of Work



This Statement of Work is aligned to the following objectives of the Customer:

  1. Conduct a data capability maturity assessment for The Financial Times.

Engagement Scope

Truly Intelligent Business will supply the Customer with the following Services and Deliverables:


  1. 8 days of professional services, engaged in supporting and enabling Enfuse Group personnel to create and supply the Deliverables.


  1. Online target data capability maturity assessment tool.

  2. Online current data capability maturity assessment tool.

  3. Data capability maturity assessment quick-start guide.

  4. Online data capability maturity analysis.

  5. Data capability maturity assessment communication materials.

  6. Data capability maturity analysis presentation materials.

  7. Data capability development roadmap.

  8. Data capability maturity analysis source data.

  9. One or more presentations to senior stakeholders, within the agreed Engagement Scope.

Out of Scope

  1. Additional work on scoped deliverables beyond the allocated services.
  2. Provision of services beyond the period for which this Statement of Work is valid.
  3. Other services or deliverables not explicitly specified in the Statement of Work.


Change Management

It may become necessary to amend this Statement of Work for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Revision of the engagement scope.
  2. Changes in the working environment.
  3. Unavailability of access to systems, required resources or subject matter experts.
  4. Significant delays arising through factors beyond the engagement scope.

In the event where it is necessary to amend this Statement of Work, Truly Intelligent Business or the Customer will communicate a change request. Any change request will be analysed by both parties, the change impacts will be discussed and the change request will be approved or rejected with agreement of both parties. When a change is approved, an addendum to this Statement of Work will be created.


Activities to provide the Services may be performed at any of the following locations.

  • Supplier offices in UK and working from home.
  • Customer offices in the UK.
  • Customer client offices in the UK.

Truly Intelligent Business operates a flexible working policy, which allows our consultants to operate from the best locations for them to deliver the best results for our clients, whilst also minimising the costs and environmental impacts of unnecessary travel. Work may therefore take place at other locations with prior approval of the Customer.


Pricing and Notices


This statement of work is costed on a time and materials basis. The fees applicable to provision of the engagement scope are:

Quantity Details Unit Price Total Price
8 Days Retained professional services £ 1,100.00 £ 1,100.00
    Total £ 8,800.00


Truly Intelligent Business will submit an invoice to the Customer in advance.

Payment Terms

  1. Fees are excluding VAT and other applicable taxes.
  2. Costs for additional infrastructure and software or hardware licensing are not included in the fees.
  3. Travel and additional expenses will be invoiced at cost in accordance with the Customer's travel policy.


  1. Either party may terminate this Statement of Work with a minimum notice period of 20 business days.
  2. In the event of Statement of Work termination, the Customer is liable to pay the fees as described within this Statement of Work for Services that have been completed, in addition to the fees for agreed services occurring within the 20 working days termination notice period.

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Signed On: November 1, 2023

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