Curation Policy

The internet was built and founded on linking, sharing, and recommending great content from other sources on the web. Curation to us means finding interesting, well-written, and highly appropriate articles for our readers.

If we excerpt an article from your site, we are giving it our vote of approval. This not only means that we excerpt your article, we also give it our highest recommendation, and we direct our readers, in every case, to view your article on your website. Our curation is designed to send our readers to your site and your articles. If we curated and excerpted your article, it is because it's outstanding in some way.

If for any reason you wish us not to excerpt your content, simply contact us and request that your content be taken down. We will promptly and without exception comply with your request, and put you on our list of sites never to excerpt from.

Our Curation Policy

We want you to be pleased we excerpted an article from you. If you are not pleased to be excerpted and linked to by our site, just let us know. We will take action promptly.

If we curate content from other sites, we do so in the way we hope others will curate our content. Specifically, if you like a piece of content on this site, please feel free to excerpt it. In return please give this site clear credit, links back to the article, and clear encouragement for interested readers to visit the original article. Take as much of our content as you think will inform and entertain your readers. Please just link, credit, and encourage the reader to visit this site.

Here's what we will and won't do:

We will never excerpt an entire article.
We will never re-publish without full credit and links to the source site.
We will never excerpt content without the intention of sending visitors to the source site.

Our general guidelines for excerpts published on this site are:

Never more than about 30% to 40% of any article.
Never more than one article from any site in any one day.
Never more than what is needed to communicate the essence of the article.

Most Importantly:

Our curation policy and standards may differ from yours. If you want us to be even more generous with links and credit, please let us know. If you feel your content has been inappropriately excerpted, please let us know. We will fix it to your standards promptly.

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