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Data Governance Accelerator

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To learn about the facts and benefits of the Data Governance Accelerator, please read on.


The Data Governance Accelerator is a fixed-price package of documentation, process architecture, operational specifications and supporting services. Collectively, it rapidly and rigorously provides your business with a highly effective data governance framework, allowing you to focus sooner on the essential operational, behavioural and cultural changes which are the true drivers of greater quality, integrity and performance of your data.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. This Data Governance Accelerator launches or reinvigorates your data governance initiative with greater speed, higher value, lower cost and zero fuss.


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Benefits of the Data Governance Accelerator

Achievable Benefits Enablers of the Benefits
Reduced time, effort and cost in establishing your data governance framework. The Data Governance Accelerator enables you to bypass months of bespoke research, development and documentation effort.
Increased speed in the deployment and growth of your data governance capabilities. By installing your data governance framework in a matter of weeks, you can accelerate plans to roll it out to the business.
Increased assurance in the adoption and effectiveness of data governance behaviours. You will be able to shift emphasis away from building policy and designing processes to focus instead on valuable business change.
Greater confidence in the effectiveness of your data governance framework. The effectiveness of the Data Governance Accelerator has been honed during multiple previous installations at other organisations.
Reduced cost of launching or evolving your data governance capabilities. The cost of this fixed-price approach is far lower than the cost of other approaches of developing a data governance framework.


Deliverables of the Data Governance Accelerator

Deliverable Business Value
Data governance terms of reference. Drives strategic input and alignment. This document specifies how the work to implement data governance is defined, performed, and verified. The information in this document provides the basis of a common understanding
among stakeholders.
Data governance policy and procedures. Your overarching data governance ‘master record’. This comprehensive document sets out the core policies and procedures that comprise your data governance and specifies what your business will do to optimise data quality and integrity and how.
Data governance charter. Promotes and enables business engagement, by providing people with a ‘lighter’ version of the full policy and procedures document. Your data governance charter provides straightforward information about your business’s data governance, so that everyone knows how to be ‘a good data citizen’ and understands why that is essential to your business.
Data governance organisation structure. Defines and communicates the essential roles and reporting lines that will enable and deliver your data governance.
Data governance role descriptions. Enables realisation of the data governance organisation structure, by providing people appointed as Data Owner or Steward, with clarity on what each role means to them.
Data governance process architecture. Specifies in detail, the proactive and reactive processes which define how your data governance procedures work and what roles in the data governance organisation structure are responsible for the completion of each procedure.
Data governance procedure library. Assures the adoption and effectiveness of data governance processes, by specifying in detail how to follow each step in the processes. In essence, this is the document your people pick up when they need to know precisely how to follow a data governance process.
Data governance onboarding materials. Engages Data Owners and Data Stewards in good data governance practices, to kick-start and maintain positive, proactive and long-term data behavioural change.
Data citizenship promotion materials. Engages the wider business in good data governance practices, to kick-start positive and long-term data culture change.
Professional services. Every organisation is in some way unique. These professional services ensure that your data governance framework is tailored to align with your specific data governance situation and needs.


Download pdf fact sheet


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