About Us

Phil HusbandsTruly Intelligent Business is managed by Phil Husbands and supported by experienced BI and data professionals from Acrotrend and beyond, who know what it really takes for a business to benefit from data and BI technology.

We’ve seen plenty of businesses get it wrong, and you probably have too. Vast amounts of time and money spent on things like data warehouses and reporting and analysis tools. Often on the advice of very large consultancies that have a strong interest in selling the same… And then eventually comes the realisation that on their own, those things don’t provide real value to the business. People are still running manual queries against data silos, to create localised analysis and conflicting reports.

There are many causes of this unfortunately common scenario, and none of them are about the capability of the technology. BI and data technologies are very powerful, but technology is just a tool. It’s not enough to possess the right tools, it’s what you do with them that matters.

So here at Truly Intelligent Business, we provide meaningful, honest and useful insights into all aspects of achieving true business intelligence, based on our real-world experience of our professional work.

If you're interested in joining us and contributing, please drop us a line at hello@trulyintelligent.business.